Is MELA different from other language tests I have already taken?

Yes. Michener English Language Assessment (MELA) tests communication exclusively in the context of Canadian healthcare (workplace and academic). All the test tasks are related to communication in health care.

Who can take MELA?
  • Students applying for admission to the Michener Institute
  • Health professionals fulfilling the language requirement for professional certification.
How can I prepare for MELA?

The MELA is intended to measure how well you use English in a familiar health care context. There are no specific training programs or material available to prepare for taking the MELA test but you can still prepare yourself for MELA by:

  • Reviewing the format of the test as described on the MELA website;
  • Practicing some sample tasks on the MELA website;
  • Becoming familiar with language used in typical healthcare communication tasks for example, understand main ideas, facts and details, and inferences in workplace reading texts, give verbal instructions to a staff member, understand information delivered orally in a professional development presentation, and understand facts and details in a workplace voicemail message.
Where is MELA administered?

Online or in-person at:
The Michener Institute of Education at UHN
222 St. Patrick Street
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 1V4
(416) 596-3101 ext: 3117

What do I need to bring to a test session?

Government issued photo identification; for example, health card, and a pen or pencil.

How long is a test session?

The reading, writing, and listening tests are 3 hours. The speaking test is 20 minutes. Speaking tests are scheduled individually after the reading, writing, and listening tests so you should allow a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of approximately 5 hours to complete the entire test.

Can I take MELA more than once?

Yes. You can take MELA up to a maximum of three times at certain test sessions.  When you register for a second or third time, The Michener Institute will inform you what dates are available to you.

What is the pass score on MELA?

There is no pass or fail on MELA. You must check the minimum score required for your purpose in taking the MELA; for example, program admission or professional certification.

How will I get my MELA Report?

The Michener Institute will send you an electronic test report. To fulfill language requirements for professional certification, you must have the Michener Institute direct a copy of your electronic MELA Test Report to the CSMLS, CMRTO, CRTO, or CMTO.

When will I get my MELA Report?

You will receive your MELA Test Report 10 business days after your MELA test session.