The Michener Institute


State of the Art Education

At Canada's only post-secondary institution devoted exclusively to educating applied health professionals you will experience a truly unique learning environment. Small class sizes, dedicated faculty and an innovative curriculum combine to provide you with an unparalleled education.

Simulation-Enhanced Learning

The opportunity to practice in a simulated hospital environment better prepares students for what they will encounter when entering clinical practice.

This simulated environment is safe and controlled, allowing students to gain confidence and comfort with the application of their knowledge and skills. At the same time, faculty can observe students' behaviours and skills and provide valuable feedback.

Small Class Sizes

Our focus on hands-on learning means class sizes remain small, giving you the opportunity to interact individually with faculty on a daily basis.

“A nice change from university is the close teacher–student relationships. You're a name here and not just a student number. At Michener, the profs want you to do well.”

Sheryl Bayne, Respiratory Therapy Graduate

Dedicated Faculty

Our distinguished faculty are health professionals who can share what it's like to actually work in the health care environ- ment. You're a valued learner here, not just a student number, and faculty are willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed.

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