MELA Developed for Internationally Educated Health Professionals


The Michener Institute recognized that generic language tests designed for university admission did not always provide the full range of information it needed to make admission decisions to programs designed for internationally trained health professionals. MELA test tasks are specifically designed to replicate communication demands in health technology professions making performance on MELA test tasks easily generalizable to Canadian health care contexts. Psychometric data confirms that MELA provides reliable scores. Also, MELA research data shows that internationally trained health professionals strongly engage with MELA test tasks adding to MELA's ability to accurately and reliably measure a test taker's ability to communicate in English. Furthermore, research data also shows that test takers and Canadian health care professionals agree that MELA test tasks are authentic and fair.

“I think this is the best beginning, because IELTS and TOEFL (or any other English proficiency test) assess only general Reading / Writing / Speaking / Listening skills. But MELA test can give the exact idea about the skills which are required in health professions.”

Internationally Trained Laboratory Technologist

“The MELA test is a very good language assessment for immigrant health professional workers. By attending this test, health care professionals can understand their level of English and after that they can work on it ? to improve language proficiency at a certain level. Overall, it is a good way to assess language proficiency for immigrant health care professionals.”

MELA Research Study Participant