Sample of a Speaking Test


MELA 9: Candidate for A&O Medical Radiation Technology Program

(20:00) This candidate participates effectively in a discussion about own experience and personal skills. In Part 2, she provides detailed descriptions using technically accurate vocabulary with minor errors. Although these descriptions are clear and fully comprehensible, they are not always well organized and coherent. She speaks independently (a full 7 minutes in Part 3) and is convincing in a role of an instructor despite some inadequacies and errors, which again do not impede comprehension. She demonstrates sufficient knowledge of vocabulary to function effectively in a health care setting. This candidate had greatest difficulty in Part 4, where she did not elaborate on the topic, but addressed it and discussed it in concrete terms. The lack of accuracy and professional tone in this sample keeps it at a MELA 9 despite the speaker's fluency and confidence. Her fluency, comfort, and range of vocabulary raise her score from MELA 8 to MELA 9.