Sample of a Speaking Test


MELA 6: Candidate for Medical Laboratory Science Program

(15:00) This candidate can participate in all parts of the interview, but experiences difficulty expressing details throughout and breaks down significantly when talking about complex ideas in Part 4. He responds comfortably to questions in Part 1 and 2, where he is talking about concrete aspects of his own work experience, but his descriptions are simple and lacking in the required vocabulary. He does not fully engage in the role-play because he lacks the fluency and control over vocabulary and grammar that would result in effective communication. In Part 4, the candidate can provide a personal view but has difficulty expressing more complex ideas for lack of vocabulary. He is unable to explore the topic even with assessor support. Pronunciation impedes comprehension throughout the interview. Despite the limited vocabulary and accented speech, the speaker responds to questions and can describe procedures, although simply. This makes the sample a MELA 6 rather than 5, although this is an example of a low MELA 6.