MELA Listening Test

During the Listening Test candidates take messages, make notes, and answer multiple-choice questions while listening to recordings of various communication situations typical in a health care workplace. All tasks are based on authentic work situations and each task is delivered at a normal rate of speech. The listening test lasts 60 minutes and the listening passages vary in length from 45 seconds to seven minutes.

The MELA is task based, so candidates are asked to complete such tasks as filling out message forms and making changes in a schedule. There are four tasks of increasing levels of difficulty. The third listening task is integrated with a writing task (see writing samples).

Performance on the Listening test is rated based on the number of items that are answered correctly.

If you wish to practice a MELA Listening Task, select Tasks 1 and 2.

Task 1:

Voicemail Message (10 items)

5 min.
In this part of the test the candidates listen to a message and make notes in a prepared form. The message is played twice in acknowledgment that voice mail messages can be re-played by the receiver.

Task 2:

Instructions from a Supervisor (5 items)

30 min.
In this part of the Listening test candidates listen to a recorded message from a supervisor and follow instructions to make changes on a workplace form (e.g., a schedule, a work plan, a health and safety status sheet). Themessage is played once.