MELA Reading Test

Reading comprehension in MELA is demonstrated through multiple-choice questions and completing forms. Performance on the Reading Test is rated based on the number of items that are answered correctly.

The Reading Test passages are based on tasks typically required in Canadian health care training institutions and workplaces and include texts from medical workplaces, newspaper articles, medical journal articles, medical textbooks, and government publications. The reading passages are about 500-600 words. If you wish to practice a MELA Reading Test task, select task 1 or 2.

Task 1:

Workplace form (10 matching questions and answers)

20 min. max
In this task the candidate reads an example of a formatted text (e.g. a workplace form) and is asked to find specific information. This task tests the ability to comprehend information from workplace forms (e.g. incident report, disposal procedures).

Task 2:

Textbook-style reading (15 multiple choice questions)

20 min. max
In this task, the candidate reads a study text of low to moderate complexity and answers comprehension questions. This task measures the reader's ability to comprehend main ideas, factual information, technical vocabulary, and some inferred information in textbook-level materials.