MELA Writing Test

MELA candidates produce writing samples that are assessed according to content, organization, and accuracy of language use. Writing tasks include completing forms, writing summary reports, and writing short opinion essays.

There are three tasks of increasing levels of difficulty in the MELA Writing Test. The Writing Test is comprised of two tasks and takes one hour to complete. An additional writing task is integrated in the listening test, but the writing score derived from that task is included in the overall Writing Test score. Commonly more advanced writers complete the test first.

The following table summarizes the Writing Test organization, task requirements, and timing.

Task 1:

Incident Report

20 min.
This part of the test is integrated with Task 3 of the Listening Test and consists of writing a descriptive paragraph. The candidate must complete the form based on the dialogue and then use the information to complete Writing task 1 (write the paragraph) within 20 minutes.

Task 2:

Message to Supervisor

20 min.
The candidate is given a workplace scenario and is asked to write a message to a supervisor or manager. Examples of scenarios included in the test are "Change in Schedule", "Reporting on an Incident", "Requesting time off for a Doctor's Appointment", "Follow up Note from a Telephone Conversation".

Task 3:

Opinion Essay

30 min.
The opinion essay represents the reflective practitioner's need to think critically about relevant issues. For the opinion essay candidates are given a general health care topic and are asked to discuss two different points of view on that issue.